We Address Male and Female Hair Loss in Las Vegas

We Address Male and Female Hair Loss in Las Vegas

May 29, 2016

Hair restoration is often assumed to be a service limited to middle-aged, balding men, but the fact is that women also come in to see us. At JC Chicago Hair Creators, we are prepared to address both male and female hair loss in Las Vegas. Women often need hair restoration because of:

  • Physical stress.
    Women frequently report thinning hair after physical trauma, including illness or injury. Serious illnesses like cancer often affect the regrowth of hair, especially after chemotherapy treatments.
  • Vitamin shortcomings.
    A lack of particular vitamins and minerals will lead to hair loss. Maintaining protein in your diet is essential to preserving hair growth. However, too much of certain vitamins will also cause hair to thin. Overdosing on Vitamin A, usually from taking supplements or medications, is linked to slower hair growth.
  • Female pattern baldness.
    Just as men face genetic patterns for hair loss, women can see the same thing happen to them. If your female relatives started losing hair at a certain age, you might experience the same thing.

Fortunately, all of these factors can be reversed with our hair restoration treatments. Female hair loss in Las Vegas is just as easily addressed as male hair loss, so let JC Chicago Hair Creators help you out. Call us today to arrange for a free consultation.

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