November 2, 2017

"I have wore a system for over 30yrs and have been in 7 different states. Probably used 25 to 30 different companies and individuals. At JC Chicago My head is properly cleaned, I get a good haircut of my own hair, and my system is put on properly this is for a service. Now at other companies I am lucky if they wash my head off with a wash cloth slap the system on and trim around my ears and shove me out the door in less than 30 minutes not here at JCs. I was ready to shave my head till I found JC Chicago. Let me tell you this nobody can cut hair like these woman Judy and Priscilla. After 30 yrs I can go in and tell them what I want 3/4 inch short hair all over and look good and not worry and have to fuss with later. At the other places they are afraid to cut it short so they leave you with a comb over or the Elvis look (Where u have more hair at 50 than u had at 19) and they try to convince you that you look good and you know you don't. Been there many of times. So if you really want a natural good looks check into JC Chicago in Las Vegas what do you have to lose probably that same old salon that keeps telling you look good with all that hair and a bowl cut. I don't work for this company but if I could buy in this is it."
November 2, 2017

"Judy has been taking care of my hair since 2005. I have moved several time, even out of state, but I have never found the magic touch and style that fits me like JC Chicago Hair Creators. When I need a "redo" I fly in or drive to Las Vegas....Judy is the greatest! I am in the public all the time and my appearance is important to me. I will be 81 yrs old and nobody believes it. I even got carded the other day and when I showed the cashier my D.L. she said, "I don't believe it! I just smiled and said, "No one else does either". Yep! JC Chicago Hair Creators are the best ever."
November 2, 2017

"This is a very professional shop of the highest quality. Great staff, very clean, very friendly."
September 5, 2017

"Professional, experienced, caring and quality. Those are just four words, of many, that I would use to describe JC Chicago. Judy and her daughter are top notch when it comes to the business of your hair's health and well being. They can make you look the way you want; fantastic. I've gone to other places but there is no better in Southern Nevada. I would even put Judy and Priscilla up against anyone in the nation. They make you feel comfortable, put you at ease, and their prices can't be beat. I totally endorse JC Chicago Hair Creators for men and women alike."
August 5, 2017

"I was experiencing hair loss and at a very young age ive tried all kinds of solutions but nothing seem to work until i went to jc hair creators they were super friendly and knew what they were talking about and now im growing my own hair back im so happy i found them and i strongly urge anyone who has hair loss problems like myself to put ur scalp in the hands of jc creators u wont regret it"
JC Chicago Hair Creators